Indie Influencer: @thebrittanyjsmith

May 02, 2017

Summertime. Am I right? It’s SO fun, but tbh sometimes the heat can be a real energy-zapper. I’m the type of girl who digs a low-maintenance hair routine year round when it comes to styling, but especially during the warmer months! Thanks to INDIE HAIR, now I can rest assured (whether on my beach towel, or while filming a new music video) that I’ll be able to let my inner messy haired-babe shine every single summery day, without needing to take a nap from exhaustion afterwards!

foam #bigvolume: YO. First things first. Voluminous hair gives me real-life heart eyes. This foam makes effortlessly big, messy beach hair SO easy to achieve, even on ladies of the shorter haired persuasion like me! *insert me raising the roof here* 

putty-clay #wreckit: OK SO LIKE, I can not rave about this putty enough. My mane usually tends to roam on the coarser side of the hair-sahara & can be stubborn to style due to it being so layered & thick, esp. when you add the southern summer humidity to the mix. With this amazing putty+clay combo, I’ve finally found the perfect way to tame it! It holds every layer of my piecey pixie cut exactly where I want it, while banishing fly aways & still managing not to make my hair feel weighed down or stiff. 

sea salt spray #catchawave: Honestly though, is there any other product that screams “SUMMER HAIR” quite as much as sea salt spray? The answer is a resounding, “NAH BRAH!” A couple things that have always bugged me about sea salt spray in the past is that 1. It usually makes your hair smell like a salty little crustacean & 2. The texture can be overwhelmingly tacky & make hair feel grainy. However, INDIE HAIR’s sea salt spray is literally the exact opposite. It smells like a sparkly sea goddess probably does & keeps my hair feeling soft, all while still adding perfectly tousled texture. *insert angelic voices singing hallelujah while I spray my hair in slow motion here* 

Indie Hair Sea Salt Spray Style

Photo: Brittany J Smith