step-by-step summer waves

June 30, 2014

Confession time. You’ve got afternoon plans, and you’ve officially spent your entire morning endlessly trying to make your hair look like you just woke up from a nap on the beach. Because – obviously – those amazing wavy strands just come naturally…. Guilty.

It’s time to stop fussing over trying “just one more thing” to get those effortless waves, and make use of your time by – I don’t know – maybe actually napping at the beach!

Hairstylist Lyndi Sanders shares her simple steps on how to achieve the summer must-have look using her fav combo of INDIE HAIR spray glue #dirtyfinish and polish #mixitsoft. Follow her easy step-by-step guide, and get on with your day! We can’t get enough of it.


1) towel dry shampooed hair
2) apply polish #mixitsoft and scrunch using
    spray glue #dirty finish
3) dry hair with diffuser 

*BONUS STEP: apply dry shampoo #comeclean for added texture 

4) perfect stubborn strands with curling wand
5) rock it. // love it. 

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